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Full profile pack of a killer Mesa Boogie Mark III Blue Stripe.
This amp is capable of so many sounds so I have gone for a "greatest hits" approach.
8 profiles per cab with graphic on and off for drive and crunch sounds.
Contains 10 cabs and direct through BSS AR133 Di.
All cabs profiled with SM57 to Aroura Audio GTQ2 mic pre into Apogee Ensemble Thunderbolt interface.

Included cabs are
Mesa Rectifier 4x12 V30
Bogner 2x12 V30
Marshall 425B 4x12 Greenback
Bogner 4x12 V30
Marshall 1960B 4x12 H Creamback
Zilla Fatboy 2x12 V30
Orange open back 2x12 V30
Marshall MF400 4x12 K100
Marshall 30th Anniversary 4x12 v30
Marshall 30th Anniversary 4x12 G12T-75

Free samples to try out: