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TMS Profiles 800M


Image of TMS Profiles 800M
  • Image of TMS Profiles 800M

This is an awesome old Marshall 2203 head with a gain mod.
108 profiles with 8 cabs and direct.
103 studio profiles and 5 direct.
Unboosted and boosted with TS808 or MXR Badass OD.
Miked with SM57, MD421 and M201 to Neve 1073 clone mic pres.
Testers have told me these profiles work amazing live as well as recorded.

Cabs are:
Mesa Rectfier 4x12 with V30s
Zilla Fatboy 2x12 with V30
Marshall 425B 4x12 with Greenbacks
Marshall MF400 4x12 with K100s
Bogner 212c 2x12 with V30s
Marshall 1936v 2x12 with V30s
Blackstar Series One 4x12 with V30s

Download samples with Rectifier and Marshall 2x12 cabs: