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Image of TMS F50
  • Image of TMS F50
  • Image of TMS F50
  • Image of TMS F50
  • Image of TMS F50

Profiles of Mesa Boogie F50 through 9 cabs and direct.
63 studio profiles and 7 direct.
2 channel amp with really nice cleans and Mesa Mark series style drive.
Drive channel has switchable "Contour" which I found was a bit too extreme so I used a Mooer graphic in the FX loop to do a Mesa MK series style V shape eq. This sounds much better than the preset contour.
Free samples to try it out:

"mix ready" EQ on the "X" button
Cabs are:
Mesa Rectfier 4x12 with V30s
Zilla Fatboy 2x12 with H Creamback
Marshall 425B 4x12 with Greenbacks
Mesa F50 own cab
Marshall MF400 4x12 with K100s
Bogner 212c 2x12 with V30s
Marshall 30th Anniversary 4x12 with V30s
Marshall 1936v 2x12 with V30s
Orange PPC212OB 2x12 open back with V30s

Demo with Marshall MF400 cab by Frank on the official Kemper forum.